Lives and works in Dhaka,Bangladesh
Born Oct 1987, Bogra
Kaisar Ahamed is a documentary photographer. He holds Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and also graduate from Pathshala,South Asian Media Institute.His photographs documenting the language of human and it’s peripheral environment associated with.

Exhibition :
Photo series “Out of the Blue” was projected in Angkor photo festival 2014.
Group presentation and Exhibition at Chyasal,Nepal Non Fiction Storytelling 2016.

Workshop Attendant :
photography aesthetics by Morten Krogvold.
Multimedia workshop by DJ Clark,
Nepal Non Fiction Storytelling – Laura El Tantawy 2016.
Do Make Say Something – Donald Weber Chobi Mela IX 2017
5th Dhaka Cine Workshop: by Nefise Özkal Lorentzen.2015
6th Dhaka Cine Workshop by Movasseghi Majid 2016
Veido Art workshop:Pixelation-5 by BRITTO ARTS Trust